Hey I'm Erica Nicole! I am a Brand Designer + Specialist. I help female small business owners define and build their brand identity through brand messaging and visuals that converts.  I didn't start my entrepreneur journey as a Brand Designer. My journey begin in 2015 as a part-time side hustle as a Graphic Designer, while I worked full time at my 9-5 to bring in some extra income. What I didn't realize is that this side hustle would turn into a full blown business. I continued this side hustle part-time until 2017.  It became full-time for one entire year, then went back to part-time till late 2019. I made my first  5-figures that year and decided at that point that I wanted to turn this into a full-time business.
In the beginning of 2020 I moved to a new state (Connecticut) and then the pandemic hit. I had no clue if my business would make it through that year. But 2020 was my BEST year in business! During that time I learned more about  branding. I made some changes to my services and figured out who were the type of clients I wanted to work with. I then became a Brand Designer under the name, Elite Designs By Erica Nicole and registered my business as an LLC.
In 2021, I helped one of my client's who sells fitness apparel and accessories make $15K in less than 90 days! And that was before we launched her website. I had another client who sells skincare collaborate with two local businesses, a beauty supply store and a spa, in her hometown to sell her products.  
To date, I've worked with over 100 female business owners build and grow successful brands and made well over $40K collectively in revenue during my time as a part-time and full-time entrepreneur. Oh and of course with ALOT of trial and error! 
My mission and goal in 2022 and years after is to help thousands of female business owners build and launch brands that they can be proud of and their clients will rave about!
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